Trafficking in Human Beings

Includes statistical data from all 28 EU Member States and the following EU Candidate and EFTA/EEA (Iceland, Norway) countries: Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey. The totals and percentages in the working paper are based on data from the EU Member States. Where relevant, the number of Member States providing data, and on which the statistics are based, is also given. Data from the non-EU countries have been highlighted separately in some sections.

This is a working paper looking at statistical data at EU level as gathered and submitted by national authorities. In this respect, it is a unique undertaking in this field at EU level. The data have been collected from official sources, and provide information on registered victims, suspects, prosecutions and convictions, as recorded by the authorities. As such, this working paper differs from other reports which have looked at estimates of the prevalence of trafficking in human beings, for example. There may also be studies at national or regional level which provide greater detail about a specific subset of the phenomenon or which look at a narrower geographical area. This report should be considered alongside such studies to gain maximum benefit from the full evidence base available.