We are excited to announce the debut of the SlaveFree Today Podcast. Our first two episodes are now available here on our website, and through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, and GooglePlay Music.

There are several fascinating episodes in the publishing pipeline for the future. Each episode posted on this site will be accompanied by show notes and a transcript.

The SlaveFree Today Podcast is an extension of the work of SlaveFree Today and the Journal of Modern Slavery with our focus on practical solutions in the struggle to end modern slavery. It is a part of our work to transcend disciplinary boundaries by fostering collaboration, encouraging conversation, and igniting action. The mission of our podcast is to illuminate practical steps toward a slavefree world. We invite you to join us and be part of the solution.

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Journal of Modern Slavery Assistant Editor Dr. Tina Davis interviews Fiona Reynolds. Fiona is Chair of the Liechtenstein Initiative’s Financial Sector Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. The Commission has just presented their final report to the UN: A Blueprint for Mobilizing Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking. In this episode, Fiona elaborates on the role of the financial sector in the ongoing battle against human trafficking and modern slavery.


Victor OchenEPISODE 2:
Dr. Tina Davis interviews Victor Ochen, Director and Founder of African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET, at, a victims-led peace movement that he established in 2005 in Northern Uganda. Victor founded AYINET in the trail of destruction experienced by victims of mass atrocities during the 20-years armed conflict in Uganda. His organization has developed an approach to peacebuilding where notions of peace and justice are not just by proxy, but have been applied practically, tangibly, and meaningfully to restore the dignity of thousands of war victims.


Journal of Modern Slavery

A Multidisciplinary Exploration of Human Trafficking Solutions

Dedicated to research, theory, and practical application in eradicating slavery. It is a nexus of critical thought for all fields relating to understanding and combating modern slavery and is unique in its focus on the issues of slavery and human trafficking.

Our current Special Issue transcends disciplinary boundaries, fuels collaboration, and brings the evolving research of early career scholars to light. It offers a space to hash out debates on definitions; to think about the role of technology in mapping sites of exploitation; to survey and understand the ways in which antislavery messages and strategies can be embedded in legal frameworks, multi-agency partnerships, and children’s literature; and to understand the lineage of slavery and antislavery from the past to the present.  Featuring the work of nineteen academics in nine papers, it gives voice to a new wave of antislavery research that connects past, present and future and highlights the important role of research networks at all levels of scholarship.

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