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The vital missions of SlaveFree Today are all funded solely by donations from people and organizations, coming along side us to inform and illustrate practical steps toward a slave-free world.

Our NGO provides, free of charge to users:

  • The SlaveFree Today Podcast, our rapidly-expanding podcast channel featuring interviews with incredible women and men at the forefront of the battle to end modern slavery.
  • The Journal of Modern Slavery, a peer-reviewed academic journal staffed with a board of subject matter experts from diverse professions, disciplines, nationalities and cultures.
  • A curated International Resource Library, with links to current and past reports and media and other resources to use to stay informed.
  • A curated Events Calendar to track upcoming opportunities to meet and partner with others in the movement.
  • And, coming soon, a New & Young Voices blog.

As we are a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible for the donor. We have partnered with Qgiv to provide a safe and secure means to donate on our site.

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