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Council on Foreign Relations Modern Slavery Info Guide

Help a Victim of Human Trafficking

911 Emergency

For urgent situations, notify local law enforcement immediately by calling 911. You may also want to alert the National Human Trafficking Resource Center described below so that they can ensure response by law enforcement officials knowledgeable about human trafficking.

1-888-3737-888 National Human Trafficking Resource Center

Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, a national 24-hour, toll-free, multilingual anti-trafficking hotline. Call 1-888-3737-888 or text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733) to report a tip; connect with anti-trafficking services in your area; or request training and technical assistance, general information, or specific anti-trafficking resources. The Center is equipped to handle calls from all regions of the United States from a wide range of callers including, but not limited to: potential trafficking victims, community members, law enforcement, medical professionals, legal professionals, service providers, researchers, students, and policymakers.

1-888-428-7581 U.S. Department of Justice Worker Exploitation Complaint Line

Call the U.S. Department of Justice’s dedicated human trafficking toll-free complaint line at 1-888-428-7581 (weekdays 9 AM – 5 PM EST) to report suspected instances of human trafficking or worker exploitation or contact the FBI field office nearest you .This call is toll-free and offers foreign language translation services in most languages as well as TTY. After business hours, the complaint line has a message service in English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin.

List of Global Government and NGO Human Trafficking Hotlines.

Learn the Indicators

Human Trafficking 101 – Presented by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC), operated by Polaris.

DHS Human Trafficking Awareness Training

Take the DHS Human Trafficking “Coffee Break” Training

Human Trafficking Indicators Card

DHS Human Trafficking Indicators

What is Trafficking in Persons? (US Department of State Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons fact sheet)

Get Involved

MTV Exit’s 8 Step Plan to Take Action Against Modern Slavery

Immigration Remedies for Victims

T Nonimmigrant Status Immigration Relief for Victims of Human Trafficking

Immigration Options for Victims of Crime: Information for Law Enforcement, Healthcare Providers, and Others

Employment Issues

If someone you know has had their wages withheld or if you have questions about migrant worker rights:

Employment Law Guide: Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay (DOL)

Employment Law Guide: Work Authorization for Non-U.S. Citizens: Temporary Agricultural Workers (H-2A Visas) (DOL)