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Laws and Regulations

Human Trafficking Laws and Regulations (DHS)

Federal statutes used to prosecute trafficking (DOJ)

ABA Rule of Law, Criminal Law Reform and Anti-Human Trafficking Program

Reporting on the Status of Trafficking in Women in Accordance with Article 6 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women: Guidelines on the Interpretation of the Text of Article 6 of the Convention (The Protection Project)

Interpreting Judicial Interpretations of the Criminal Statutes of Trafficking Victims Protection Act: Ten Years Later – by Dr. Mohamed Y. Mattar

Comprehensive Legal Approaches to Combating Trafficking in Persons: an International and Comparative Perspective – by Dr. Mohamed Y. Mattar


UNODC Anti-Human Trafficking Manual for Criminal Justice Practitioners – the result of a global cooperative process in which expert representatives from academia, NGOs, international organizations, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges from all over the world contributed their expertise and experiences.

Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit (DOJ)

National Association of Attorneys General Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative

Prosecuting Human Trafficking Cases: Lessons Learned and Promising Practices (DOJ/NIJ, 2008)

Meeting the Legal Needs of Human Trafficking Victims: An Introduction for Domestic Violence Attorneys and Advocates (ABA)

Lawyers Manual on Human Trafficking- New York State (Supreme Court of the State of New York PDF)

Needs Assessment Toolkit on the Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking – UNODC manual to provide comprehensive guidance for assessing the criminal justice response to trafficking in persons in a given State.

Combating Trafficking in Persons – A Handbook for Parliamentarians (UNODC)

Combating Trafficking in Persons in Accordance with the Principles of Islamic Law (UNODC)

2008 Vienna Forum Background Paper: The Effectiveness of Legal Frameworks and Anti- Trafficking Legislation

Transnational Legal Responses to Illegal Trade in Human Beings – by Dr. Mohamed Y. Mattar

100 Best Practices in Combating Trafficking in Persons: The Role of Civil Society (The Protection Project)

American Bar Association Anti-Trafficking Project Home Page

The Protection Project Legal Library

Cases and Case Law

Major human trafficking cases (DOJ)

UNODC Human Trafficking Case Law Database

Meeting the Legal Needs of Human Trafficking Victims: An Introduction for Domestic Violence Attorneys & Advocates (PDF, ABA) –  part of a collaborative effort by several ABA entities aiming to provide attorneys with leadership and training to better represent victims of human trafficking.

Human Trafficking Law Project (HTLP) Database – the first publicly available database of human trafficking cases within the United States. The HTLP helps strengthen anti-trafficking laws in the United States and supports government officials, law enforcement, and practitioners who are working on behalf of human trafficking victims.