The WDAY TV documentary, “Trafficked,” examines the growing problem of sex trafficking in western North Dakota. Because of the Oil Boom in that part of the state, organized crime has moved in with guns, drugs and young girls now being trafficked. The documentary talks with women currently being trafficked, those who have survived, and women who now work to save and rescue girls who have been manipulated and groomed to become victims of traffickers. “Trafficked” also examines what is being done at the Federal, State and local level to combat the trafficking of vulnerable girls on North Dakota’s Indian reservations. Reporter Kevin Wallevand and photographer Cody Rogness traveled to Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, where law enforcement, clergy, nurses, educators and others learned how to work collaboratively in combating trafficking. The documentary also featured non-profit groups in North Dakota and Fargo that are trying to rescue girls and offer support and after care for them, in the form of spiritual help. Because of viewer response, WDAY TV took the documentary on the road throughout cities in Minnesota and North Dakota, where we hosted panels that featured survivors and law enforcement experts. The documentary also sparked discussion and action in the North Dakota legislature, where lawmakers put more teeth into laws that aim to crack down on the traffickers and not re-victimize the women who have been recruited. Churches, schools and police departments now use the documentary in training and conferences.