by Sarah Symons (Author), Nicole Evans (Editor)

Many people are looking for deeper meaning in their lives. This book is for anyone who has ever wondered “Is this all there is? Is this really the best I could be doing with my life?” When Sarah Symons discovered that human trafficking and slavery were destroying the lives of millions of young girls worldwide, she was compelled to take action. In this deeply persaonl and brutally honest memoir, she shares how she took on this enormous cause, personally and professionally, and how it changed her and her family’s lives forever. Told in a warm, story-telling fashion, Symons shares why and how she decided to make a dramatic change to re-purpose her comfortable and successful life as a musician/composer and mother of two young children with a husband who aided in their financial stability as an investment banker. The death of Symons’ beloved mother threw her into a life-altering state where she, for the first time in her life, was faced with overwhelming sadness. A series of a fateful events beginning on her mother’s birthday took Symons to Tribeca Film Festival where she saw a documentary about global human trafficking and slavery.

Ten years later, having come through tremendous challenges, pitfalls, frustrations and miraculous events, Symons has founded and grown the organization Made By Survivors – an international nonprofit organization employing and educating survivors of slavery and other human rights abuses ”I hit some real crisis points over the past eight years ,” Symons admits. “At times, I was tempted to give up. It seemed every time I was at a low point, something miraculous would happen to help us over a hurdle.” She adds, “The biggest miracle is the one we see every day: survivors who once seemed irreparably damaged restored to wellness and radiating joy.” In 54 short evolving chapters, Symons shares her inspiring journey and exposes readers to:

Human rights issues – slavery does not occur randomly and is related to other social ills.

Heartwarming survivor stories and the difference people all over the world are making.

Solidarity in the modern day Underground Railroad movement.

The limitless opportunities to affect change in seemingly unstoppable atrocities