Volume 4, Issue 2, December 2018

Chloé Brière, PhD, LLM

Post-doctoral researcher. After defending her thesis on the external dimension of the EU’s policy against trafficking in human beings, she now works on projects addressing demand for sexual services, and research linked to EU criminal and migration law.

Julia Muraszkiewicz, PhD, LLM

Research analyst at Trilateral Research Ltd, where she works on issues of humanitarian crisis, migration, human trafficking and ethics.

Amy Weatherburn, LLB, LLM

PhD candidate conducting research on trafficking in human beings for the purposes labour exploitation, analysing the effectiveness of the implementation of the European legal framework and the handling of labour exploitation in law.



Civil society involvement in counter-trafficking governance has substantially evolved, and today reaches an unprecedented level. The present paper aims at discussing different aspects of their involvement and their unique position across multiple levels of governance: i) their role in drafting legal instruments; ii) their role in EU’s policy and iii) their impact in securing the rights of victims, using the example of the trafficked person’s right not to be punished. We highlight that civil society actors, at all multi-governance levels from the global to the local, play an integral role in securing an effective comprehensive counter-trafficking response.