Volume 2, Issue 2 (December 2015)


Partnership, The Fourth P, Enhances HT Service Efforts in Prevention, Protection and Prosecution Arenas

Thomas B. Hofmann, PhD (Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Hodges University in Fort Myers, Florida. Licensed Social Worker. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)Yaroslaba Garcia, MA (Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Director at Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc. President of the Southwest Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Adjunct Professor at Hodges University)

Repressed Memories: Historical Perspectives on Trafficking and Anti-Trafficking

Eileen P. Scully, PhD (Historian on the faculty of Bennington College in Vermont)

Criminal Legislation for Human Trafficking in the Republic of Moldova

Nicole Fiorentino, MA (Doctoral Candidate, International Conflict Management, Kennesaw State University. MA, Central and Eastern European Studies, La Salle University. BA, History, San Diego State University)

A Model of Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration in Regional Anti-Slavery Efforts

Erica Baer, PhD (Instructor of Forensics, Department of Justice Studies, Florida Gulf Coast University. PhD, Forensic Psychology, Alliant International University)Refael Olivares, MA (Coordinator, Resource Center on Human Trafficking, Florida Gulf Coast University. MA, Counseling Psychology, Hodges University)Johnny McGaha, PhD (Professor and Director, Resource Center on Human Trafficking, Florida Gulf Coast University, Department of Justice Studies)Tama Koss Caldarone, JD (Assistant U.S. Attorney, Middle District of Florida. JD, University of Florida. Chair, SW Florida Regional Task Force on Human Trafficking)

Human Trafficking at the US-Mexico Border and the Role of the Commercial Sex Trade Client

Lori Celaya, PhD (Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latin America, Border and US Latino Studies, University of Idaho Department of Modern Languages and Cultures)Marta Boris-Tarré, PhD (University of Idaho Department of Modern Languages and Cultures)

A Quantitative Analysis of Commercial Sex Advertisements During Super Bowl XLVIII

Jesse Bach, PhD (Cleveland State University. Executive Director of The Imagine Foundation)Courtney Mintz (Student, Business Administration and Criminal Justice, University of Dubuque)Jennifer Dohy, MS (Doctoral Candidate, MS and BS in Education, Cleveland State University)