Volume 1, Issue 2 (July 2014)


A Theory of Human Trafficking Prevalence and Forecasting: Unlikely Marriage of the Human Security, Transnational Organized Crime, and Human Trafficking Literatures

Davina Durgana (Adjunct Instructor and Doctoral Candidate; Human Trafficking Specialist; School of International Service, American University)

Human Trafficking Specific Jury Instructions: Tools to Increase Prosecutions and Convictions

Alexander Esseesse (Stetson University College of Law Juris Doctoral Candidate, 2015); Emily Tocci (Juris Doctoral Candidate, 2015; Trainer, International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators)

Human Trafficking Investigations, Implications of Apathy and Inaction, Recommended Solutions

David Hartless (Municipal Police Officer, Ontario, Canada)

Funding and Capacity Building Fuel Cooperation: A Case Study of Counter-Force Networks Fighting Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking in India

Rodney Green, MSc (Program Manager, Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research, Messiah College)

Au Pair Scheme: Cultural Exchange or a Pathway to Slavery?

Tina Davis (International award-winning documentary maker, University of Sydney PhD Candidate, board member of the Norwegian Anti-Slavery Association)

Human Trafficking NGOs in Thailand: A Two-Site Case Study of the Children Served in Education Programs

Robert Spires, PhD (Assistant Professor, Middle Grades, Secondary, Reading, & Deaf Education, Valdosta State University)

Economics of Child Mining Labor: Estimation of Corporation’s Profits?

Roger-Claude Liwanga , LLM (Fellow on Human Trafficking and Forced Labor Program at Harvard University’s FXB Center for Health and Human Rights)

Book Review: Enslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery, by Jesse Sage and Liora Kasten

Reviewed by Benjamin Thomas Greer (Former Special Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice)