Learning From Incidents to Improve Services: Kenyan Victims’ Reaction to a Migrant Labour Scam in Thailand



Oscar Mmbali, B DIV
Doctoral Candidate and researcher at the Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society, National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, Thailand


An International Labor Organization report (2015) indicates that over 60% of the global labor force work without formal contract. Most of this population is in developing countries. Among the waged and salaried population, less than 42% of the labor force has permanent work contract. In countries with available data; the dominant form of employment is temporal work, informal jobs with no contracts and own arrangement sometimes unpaid work. This is precipitated by long term unemployment due to previous harsh economic conditions and insecurity. Such prevailing conditions have characterized migration movements within and between countries. Over the recent years, human trafficking and migrant labor issues have continued to strike international relations discourse.

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