Book Review: Collaborating Against Human Trafficking: Cross Sector Challenges and Practices


Book Author: Dr. Kirsten Foot


Eve Aronson, M.A.
Holds a dual cum laude Master’s degree from Utrecht University in the Netherlands and Central European University in Hungary. She writes about issues of human trafficking in the US and the Netherlands.


In a world increasingly without boundaries, there is a need to (re)shape responses to borderless crimes accordingly. Human trafficking is a transgressive phenomenon by nature and calls for a diverse, multi-sector response. In 2009, the introduction of ‘Partnership’ to the existing Prevention-Protection-Prosecution response model for human trafficking signaled an important acknowledgement that this fourth “P” is essential to effective anti-trafficking collaboration. In her book, Collaborating Against Human Trafficking: Cross Sector Challenges and Practices, Dr. Kirsten Foot unpacks the cross-sector implications and manifestations of partnerships through an extensive and critical overview of the contemporary anti-trafficking landscape in the United States. Foot’s book, which is 215 pages and includes six Chapters, also includes extensive Notes and Collaboration Resources sections.

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